Rose Clay Facial Mask

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Our Rose Clay Facial Mask was created as an exfoliating mask for most skin types. A mixture of white and rose kaolin clay exfoliates without drying out the skin, leaving skin feeling firm and refreshed. An essential oil blend lends a subtle fragrance of lavender with a hint of rose. Follow up with our Renew Facial Oil. 

Ingredients: kaolin clay, chamomile powder, rose hip powder, essential oil blend of lavender & geranium.

Directions: mix 1/2-1 tablespoon of mask with a few drops of water to form a paste. *Apply to face and let dry. Wash off. Apply facial serum or moisturizer. This product goes well with our Renew Facial Serum. 

*Test on a small area, if you have sensitive skin, discontinue if irritation occurs.

*Avoid getting water into the bottle as this could cause spoilage.

Net weight 1 oz/28 g