How to Use a Cleansing Oil

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How to Use a Cleansing Oil

Have you heard about how oil cleansing works? Most people are initially skeptical about using an oil to clean their skin.  But hear me out, because using a cleansing oil that is properly formulated is an option for all skin types.  The traditional “oil cleansing method” involves massaging oil onto the skin, letting it briefly marinate, then removing the oil with a damp cloth.  However, in recent years, thanks to chemistry, cleansing oils have incorporated ingredients that allow the cleanser to rinse off easily without leaving a residual oily feeling.  Oils clean by a concept known as “like dissolves like”.  The botanical oils in the cleanser mix with the oils, makeup, and debris on the skin.  That’s why we recommend massaging the cleanser into the skin when the skin is dry to give it a chance to work before rinsing off and/or wiping off with a damp cloth.  Because oil absorbs oil, this can even work to clear the pores of excess oil and cleansing oil will not clog pores.  Yes, cleansing oil is good for acne prone skin. It may also be the best cleansing oil for aging skin as it is gentle and deposits moisture on the skin. 

Still not sure?  Also consider these oil cleansing benefits:

  • It can help remove stubborn makeup.
  • It does not strip the skin, removing just the right amount of oil and impurities.
  • Leaves skin soft, supple and hydrated.
  • A mix of light oils & botanicals can soothe the skin.


What’s so special about our Botanical Cleansing Oil?

We use a blend of plant oils, a multifunctional emollient with novel chemistry, an impressive blend of botanical extracts, and a light plant-based fragrance of cananaga flower, vanilla & citrus for just the right amount of aromatherapy without overpowering the senses.

The Key ingredients

Organic Sunflower oil – contains linoleic acid which is beneficial in the care of dry, irritated skin.

Sea Buckthorn oil – a rich source of vitamin E carotenoids, sterols, and valuable palmitoleic acid ( a component of skin fat).

Calendula extract – contains saponin and mucilage which are great for moisturizing.

Aloe extract – a very popular cosmetic ingredient known for its soothing properties.

Irish Moss extract – an Irish seaweed that moisturizes and is rich in sulfur, which may be beneficial for those with excess sebum production.

Marshmallow extract - moisturizes the skin.  A small study showed promising results in a group with atopic dermatitis.

 Ready to give it a try? Click on the link below.



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