Jamie is a serendipitous soapmaker with a love for all things DIY, health, wellness, & yoga. She is an Advanced Cold Process-Hot Process Soap maker with certification from the Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetic Guild.  As a cosmetic formulator, she holds a Diploma in Advanced Organic Cosmetic Science from Formula Botanica.  Her background is in healthcare, having worked as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner for two decades. She loves practicing and teaching yoga and is certified as a Registered Yoga Teacher and Professional Yoga Therapist. 

Lathering Lotus was born due to an unexpected turn of events.  Her sister, Andra, signed her up for a soap making class with a local HSCG Certified Teacher.  Finding the combination of chemistry and natural ingredients fascinating, she began her journey into making soap and cosmetic formulating.  Lathering Lotus products are inspired by nature and perfected by science, using a combination of select synthetic ingredients to bring out the best of nature.  

The name Lathering Lotus is derived from Jamie's background in yoga and the symbolism of the lotus flower.  The lotus blooms beautifully and lives at ease on top of muddy waters.  The lotus can't survive without the mud.  One thing is for certain and that is that life is chaotic, muddy, and messy.  We have to learn to step back and be at peace, to bloom beautifully in spite of the chaos of our circumstances.  When our customers take time to pause and enjoy a Lathering Lotus product, they are taking time for themselves and, for a few moments finding peace and stillness.