Make Your Own Rose Hip and Orange Body Polish: A Simple Recipe

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Make Your Own Rose Hip and Orange Body Polish: A Simple Recipe

Rosehip Sugar Scrub

 The skin is continuously renewing itself.  Old skin cells rise to the top layer of the skin and are naturally shed.  This process slows down with age and environmental stress.  To help exfoliate and reveal glowing skin, a body polish is ideal. Make your own rose hip and orange body polish with this simple recipe to reveal glowing, healthy skin. 

Our rose hip and orange body polish

This body polish was constructed with the scent of an herbal tea in mind.  The exfoliants are rosehip powder, orange peel powder, and finely ground sugar.  Blood orange and bergaptene-free* bergamot essential oils add an enticing tea-like aroma.  

How to use a body polish

To use a body polish, first wet the skin in the shower or bath and gently massage the product onto the skin in circles.  Rinse and pat dry.  Take this opportunity to moisturize your freshly exfoliated skin with your favorite moisturizer. 

Rose Hip and Orange Body Polish Recipe

Phase A Shea Butter 3%        
Phase A Kokum Butter 3%
Phase A Candelilla Wax 1%
Phase A Sunflower Oil 16%
Phase B Extra Fine Sugar 70%
Phase B  Rosehip Powder 4%
Phase B Orange Peel Powder 1.5%
Phase C Vitamin E 0.5%
Phase C Essential Oil Blend 1%
(1:1 ratio of Blood Orange to Bergamot Essential oils)
Phase C Broad Spectrum Preservative 1%*

*check with supplier to determine appropriate amount of preservative, it may not always be 1%.

What You'll need for 8 oz of Body Polish:

Kitchen Scale
Bain Marie or double boiler
2 Clean Glass containers
Large mixing container
8 oz Jar for packaging the polish
The following base materials:
Shea Butter  .24 oz
Kokum Butter. .24 oz
Candelilla Wax   .08 oz
Sunflower Oil  1.28 oz
Extra Fine Sugar 5.6 oz
Rosehip Powder  .32 oz
Orange Peel Powder .12 oz
Vitamin E .04 oz
Essential oil blend 1%  (50% bergamot to 50% blood orange .04 oz Bergamot/.04 oz Blood Orange)
Preservative (I used Optiphen Plus)  .08 oz


  1. Combine Phase A ingredients in Bain Marie until clear (avoid over heating as it will damage some of the natural ingredients of the butters and oils).  Remove from heat and whisk to combine the oils and butters. 
  2. Combine Phase B ingredients into the base of a stand mixer or large mixing container and whisk to combine, set aside.
  3. Add Phase C ingredients into the second clean glass container.  Add into Phase A when temperature of the butters and oils are under 100 degrees F or warm to touch,  whisk together.
  4. Slowly add the combined Phases A & C into the mixing container with Phase B, whisking by hand or using a mixer. 
  5. Package into clean containers.
  6. Use a spoon or scoop to remove polish from jar and avoid getting water into the jar.

*Bergaptene is a photoxic element, i.e. could cause a reaction if left on the skin and then going out into the sun. 
**Please be aware this is for information only. It has not been tested for stability or preservative challenged.  It is not meant for resale. 

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