Kaleidoscope Soap Gift Box

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A soap, lip balm, and soap-saver/soap net gift set set.

  1. Soap: The soap is the star of the show here. A beautifully crafted bar, decorative kaleidoscope soap with a luxurious black raspberry vanilla scent.

  2. Blueberry Seed Oil Lip Balm: Ah, the perfect companion for your lips! This little tube of goodness is packed with moisturizing elements like cocoa butter, precious blueberry seed oil, and beeswax to keep those lips soft and kissable. Plus, it comes in a blueberry flavor that adds a touch of sweetness or freshness to your everyday routine.

  3. Soap Net: Now, the soap net is a thoughtful addition. It's a practical item designed to prolong the life of the soap by allowing it to dry between uses. This not only prevents the soap from getting mushy but also makes it last longer, giving you more time to enjoy its lovely qualities. Plus it doubles as a skin exfoliator when washing.

Altogether, this gift set is like a self-care treasure trove—cleanse with the soap, nourish your lips with the balm, and keep it all in tip-top shape with the soap saver. It's a little bundle of relaxation and indulgence.