Plum oil for your Beauty Routine

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Plum oil for your Beauty Routine

Plum seed or plum kernel oil is a powerhouse in skincare.  It is an emollient that moisturizes, conditions, and protects the skin barrier.  Rich in the essential fatty acids of oleic and linoleic acids, plum kernel oil is a great support partner for the lipid barrier of the skin.  Not only is it a great hydrator, it has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.  Protecting the skin against free radical damage and regulating sebum are its other super-hero abilities.  A lightweight, easily absorbed, and noncomedogenic oil makes it ideal for skincare products.  Plum kernel oil’s amazing chemical makeup is enough on its own, but it also lends a delicious almond aroma, reminiscent of marzipan and cherry. 

Plum kernels are a by-product of the food industry.  Using all the parts of the fruit is a sustainable and circular beauty practice.  Our Plum Kernel Oil comes from French ente plums.  Located in the Gascony region of France, the trees produce the most exquisite plums.  Ente plum trees were grown by Benedictine monks during the 13th century and have survived harsh winters and two world wars to bring us the benefits of plum oil for the skin.

We love plum kernel oil so much we have it in two of our products:

  1. Radiance Facial Moisturizer: A lightweight but formidable moisturizer for all skin types that offers amazing the aromatherapy of almonds and oranges, a definite soothing experience.
  2. Overnight Recovery Serum: Made with the fruit oils of plum kernel, cranberry, and red raspberry, it has been called “a miracle in a bottle” and a “skin clearing” product. It smells heavenly of nuts and berries from natural ingredients without the use of synthetic fragrance.  It also contains Ceramide NP to help with long term moisturization. 

For a brilliant nighttime routine apply Radiance Facial Moisturizer followed by the Overnight Recovery Serum.  Go to sleep soothed and wake up glowing.  Apply Radiance again in the morning to get glowing and get going. 

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