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Plum seed or plum kernel oil is a powerhouse in skincare.  It is an emollient that moisturizes, conditions, and protects the skin barrier.  Rich in the essential fatty acids of oleic and linoleic acids, plum kernel oil is a great support partner for the lipid barrier of the skin.  Not only is it a great hydrator, it has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.  Protecting the skin against free radical damage and regulating sebum are its other super-hero abilities.  A lightweight, easily absorbed, and noncomedogenic oil makes it ideal for skincare products.  Plum kernel oil’s amazing chemical makeup is enough on its...

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One of the newest trends for 2021, according to Pinterest is “skinimalism”.  A new era of beauty that centers on less makeup, natural skin texture, and self-care. We are ahead of the game here at Lathering Lotus, we have been a minimalist skin care brand since our inception.  We firmly believe that you are naturally beautiful.  Makeup is optional, but healthy skin is not.  In a post-pandemic world, we have gotten used to staying at home and using a “slow beauty routine” that lets us be ourselves, naturally.  A multi-step beauty regimen is not necessary, nor is it environmentally friendly. ...

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